Shamrockin’: The Shamrock Music Fest Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta March 15

A group of people on a stage in front of a crowd

Everywhere you looked there was green. The crowd for the Shamrock Music Fest at Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta March 15 was not large but it was enthusiastic and fashionable in that St. Patrick’s sort of way. There were food trucks, green beer, contests and lots and lots of great music.

The first group up was called Runing With Desire. They started out with a tribute to U2 and then, with the lead singer shedding the cowboy hat and putting on a blond wig , they became a Van Halen tribute band. In both cases they were excellent and it’s a shame that there were not a lot of people there yet to hear them. They put on a great show for those of us who were there anyway.

Next up was a Journey tribute band, Departure. These guys alone were worth the price of the ticket. What an excellent band with great showmanship. And Brian Williams, the lead singer has an amazing voice and can easily handle Steve Perry’s amazing vocals. The group has been together for 6 years and still has all five original members so they know how to put on a show!

Take Three took the stage after Departure. and did a mix of sixties and seventies party songs. They had some tough competition with the great tribute bands and the set was a little uneven but it was all good fun.

As the day moved into evening it was time for the Georgia Blues Brothers. Guards moved the crowd back as the band took the stage in preparation for the arrival of the stars. SIrens wailed and suddenly there they were in a red convertible. – Georgia’s own Jake and Elwood. Jake hit the ground with a somersault and danced among the crowd as Elwood headed for the stage.

The Georgia brothers had all the right moves and the right look. They had a great band and their jokes were just as bad as the original Jake and Elwood’s. the sudden appearance of special guest Michael Jackson from the great beyond added a unique touch to the performance. Their show as pure fun from start to finish.

After the Georgia Blues Brothers and the crowning of the Shamrock King and Queen, it was time for the fantastic, fabulous Jagged Stones. It is impossible to imagine that any other tribute band could capture the Rolling Stones as well as these guys do. Stephen Skipper not only looks a lot like Mick but he has his voice and mannerisms down so well that you will forget you are not watching Mick himself. The rest of the band is amazing as well and play their parts flawlessly. They play both classic early Stones and the hits like “Start Me Up” and “Brown Sugar” “Paint it Black” and “Honky Tonk Women.” The addition of a horn section and backup singer Melissa Taylor add immensely to the experience.

The host for the event was popular DJ Gary Brener and he deserves commendation for getting the crowd up and engaged. He had great energy and was perfectly suited to this event. He also gave away a lot of free stuff which never hurts!

The Masquerade staff is to be commended for providing a fun and exciting event. When you see an event at the Masquerade Music Park and you’re in the Atlanta area get yourself out to it! You’ll have a fantastic experience! 

We received press passes for this event

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