Interview with Jason David – Pop Music Recording Artist

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I’ve had the opportunity to come to know a very talented musician by the name of Jason David. He agreed to have an interview with me. Before heading towards the actual Interview, I’d like to share a bit of his bio. His music is good to play in the background when you are playing some fun sports betting games at

Brief Bio

Jason David is a pop recording artist and Grammy member, where he’s presently working on his up and coming debut album expected by Fall of 2007. He is also working on the single “Always Dream” to be released as a maxi-single by Summer 2007. This will include dance mixes as well as a music video.

The Jason David Album is a mix of Pop/Electronic music with underground hip-hop flavors. He is currently collaborating with long time friend Matt Gaspari. Together they are bringing a new sound to the Industry.

Music was naturally a part of Jason’s life from a very young age. He started playing the trumpet in Elementary school, which led him to the Jazz Ensemble at Pinole Valley High School. In High School he explored many different areas. He learned the French horn for the Wind Ensemble. In his junior and senior years he became the drum major and led the PV marching band to many events including homecoming and the football games. In 1990, Jason David began writing music with friend Matt Gaspari. Together with a notebook and a piano they would collaborate.(1) He would sing the melodies that slowly became songs.

One day with the help of a band director from a local college, they found home to a recording studio which would produce four songs. One of the songs would be chosen to be published and distributed by an Independent Name under a Major Label and appear on local Bay Area radio stations. This would place Jason David among Grammy worthy musicians in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences where he became a member. He also joined ASCAP in the mid 1990’s and started his own publishing company called Jay Bug Publishing. He then continued on his musical journey leading him to award winning producer RJ Ross.

Together with RJ Ross, Matt Gaspari, and Gabriel Herscu they wrote and recorded the song “Beyond This Smile”. It has yet to be released publicly until now. Jason David writes, records, and produces music for himself and other local artists. He works in a studio that he built from ground up. It is his personal domain and shelter from the storm.

Jason David is an accomplished artist searching for worldwide recognition. He is determined to push buttons and make a difference. He explains, “I want to inspire people to believe in themselves”.


Music Career


During High School Jason David played Trumpet and French horn in the High School Musicals “42nd Street”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Anything Goes”, and “Brigadoon”. During this time he led the High School Marching Band through 3 football seasons, 3 Homecoming parades, and countless community performances and rallies. He also played in The Jazz Ensemble as well as Wind Symphony. During this time he was also chosen to participate in the Honor Band Performances at UOP.

Artistic Development


Jason continued playing trumpet and French horn in College landing him an opportunity to play on the Monterey Jazz Cruise to Mexico with Arturo Sandoval. A dream come true for him, making him realize that he can accomplish anything he wants with some hard work and persistence.

Occupation – Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Media/Film Producer, Musician, Dancer.

Instruments – Vocals, Trumpet, Piano, French horn.

Years Active – 1994-present

Labels – Rodell (1994-1995); JBug (1996-present)

Website –;


Shan-Lyn Forsythe Content Producer: Hi Jason….how are you?

Jason David: Good afternoon…. I’m good, thank you.

SLF: Shall we get started with the Interview?

JD: Sure….

SLF: These will be spontaneous questions….

JD: The pressure is on…

SLF: (warm smile) First I’d like to know when you first became interested in music….

JD: As long as I can remember.

SLF: When did you think that it would become an integral part of your life? From very young?

JD: Probably my Jr. year in high school…. I always knew but my parents wanted me to be a doctor.

SLF: Would you think you’re breaking the tradition in the family then?

JD: Hmmmm, not really because my family is very musical… great-grandfather was an entertainer ages ago….my grandmother a gospel singer….and my Mom well, she sings in the shower… (laughter)….but everyone else is very musical…

SLF: Then your family is naturally musically oriented…

JD: Yes….

SLF: Could you please explain to me a little bit of your background history as to what you felt might have influenced you towards becoming a musician?

JD: Well, definitely my grandmother…. she was a beautiful singer….

SLF: Your grandmother had a strong influence on you?

JD: Yes…she sings with the angels now….

SLF: Sorry to hear this….wishing her much peace… I would have loved to have heard her singing.

JD: Thank you….

SLF: Do you have any other siblings that are interested in breaking out into the music industry as well?

JD: My brother is an artist, animator…. sister is a nurse and my younger sister wants to be a doctor….both are younger than me.

SLF: Talented family!

JD: Yes.

SLF: Are you the eldest in the family?

JD: Yes…my parents were very young… in high school…


SLF: For some reason most people believe that first-born children are gifted musicians…

JD: Hmmm…. that just might be true….and stubborn….(laugh).

SLF: Because of being closest to their mother’s heart in the womb… that’s the first musical beat they hear…. the sound of the heart.

JD: Wow…. very nice.

SLF: Yes… interesting.

JD: Must be true then.

SLF: I think it is because I find you’re talented with your music.

JD: Thank you very much…. I write from my heart…. music is very personal.

SLF: Yes….I’ve noticed this! I’ve also noticed you have your own unique style. Have other people shared this to you as well?

JD: Yes….very much so.

SLF: What would they say? How would they respond?

JD: They say my sound is pop with an edge…. I would say that is true. I’m influenced by so many things….

SLF: Oh? Such as?

JD: Art, poetry, people, styles, fashions…

SLF: What type of influences do you feel contribute to your music?

JD: Sometimes I dream that I’m performing the song, wake up and write it….(I) just hear melodies in my head….(and) listen to other artists….

SLF: That’s interesting… music is definitely in your genes then…

JD: I would say so…

SLF: Jason, when did you first start in the music industry?

JD: Ok, let’s see…. I started getting serious in 1994, my friend and I started collaborating. A pad of paper and a piano is all we had. My band instructor gave us a lead to a recording studio in San Fran.(San Fransisco) and we recorded 4 songs there…. about two years later and more experience, I found a great producer in Brisbane and recorded “Beyond This Smile”.

SLF: Have you ever played in front of large audiences?

JD: Yes….I did some local concerts in Concord (California)….well, that landed me into the recording biz. I was hooked. I took biz classes at the local college. I got a small record deal in LA and became a member of the Grammy’s….not nominated yet….hopefully one day….

SLF: Yes…I read this…about the Grammy awards….kudos!

JD: Thank you.

SLF: How many record albums roughly do you think you’ve cut so far?

JD: Well, I’m working on my official album as we speak… be complete by Summer….released in Fall.

SLF: Great! Please let me know when it’s been released.

JD: I will….I’ve written many many songs.

SLF: When you would be on stage…how did it make you feel?

JD: I have a feeling this will be a good year for me…I can’t explain the feeling…’s incredible…I love people.

SLF: How do you feel towards the audiences? Are they welcoming?

JD: So far…. I’m sure i will get some flack in the future….but they are usually very welcoming.

SLF: Where the audiences are concerned, have you ever had any strange incidences taking place?

JD: Strange?….hmm….yes….was stalked a couple times.

SLF: How does this make you feel?

JD: I’m okay with it….as long as it doesn’t affect my family or personal life too much.

SLF: Yes…understandable.

JD: I cherish my personal and private time.

SLF: Have any of your family been affected by fans pushing a little too far?

JD: No…..fortunately.

SLF: That’s good…hope that never happens to you.

JD: Me too, thanks.

SLF: Jason, how long have you been in the music industry? Professionally that is?

JD: 13 years….more underground….playing trumpet, french horn….things like that.

SLF: So you’ve definitely had your experience in knowing what to expect?

JD: I would say i have a pretty good idea.

SLF: Have you ever done any music tours? If so, in what places and cities have you traveled to?

JD: I have not yet….I would love to.

SLF: So I gather that will be in the foreseeable future?

JD: When the album is done….yes…just local so far.

SLF: I have a very good feeling with this towards you…call it woman’s intuition….(laugh)

JD: Thanks.

SLF: You’re quite welcome

JD: And women are ALWAYS right….

SLF: Oh really? That’s news to me…(laugh)

JD: Learned that from my mother….she has never been wrong… far.

SLF: Ahh… yes… mothers always know best…how do you feel about having a supportive mother towards your musical ambition?

JD: I love it, she’s been to the Grammys with me…it’s such a treat for her….I have to correct my previous answer….I have been on tour….playing the trumpet with Arturo Sandoval….just not as a singer….

SLF: Please tell me more about how you felt traveling with Arturo.

JD: Was amazing!


SLF: Have you ever received any gifts from your fans?

JD: Flowers….candy….emails….kind words….all gifts to me.

SLF: What’s the strangest event you’ve probably ever had with a fan?

JD: Well, my clothes got ripped to shreds, and….

SLF: How does this make you feel when they tear your clothes?

JD: All shook up.

SLF: Yes, I can imagine…

(Both laughing)

JD: As well I have gotten some pretty….how do I say it…personal emails from people….I just don’t really respond.

SLF: The “fan-fanatics” as I call them?

JD: Yes….spend-the-night-with-me type….but it’s all good.

SLF: Yes…. I think this pretty much goes with the territory of the entertainment business…however strange it may be…

JD: Yes, the curse. (laugh)

SLF: Can you share a time when you’ve had a positive event in your entertaining that meant more than all other events? Something…that was perhaps…life changing? That really meant something to you?

JD: A little girl came up to me and said, “I want to sing just like you”…. just beautiful and inspiring….I’m sure life changing events will happen in time.

SLF: Children are natural inspirational givers aren’t they.

JD: Yes they are.

SLF: I see that you’re exploring new avenues… does “MySpace” make you feel?

JD: Interesting site….makes me feel like I can connect with more people and actually be a little personal.

SLF: I’ve noticed that more and more, a lot of entertainers seem to be recognizing “Myspace”…that it provides a more personal ambiance between the entertainer and the fan.

JD: Yes…. had an account made for me in 2005, but actually jumped on board about two months ago….I actually try and read every email and respond to as many as possible.

SLF: That must be challenging.

JD: It can be….yes….but they took the time to write to me, so i have to respect that and try and give back…. unless they are breaking my door down and chasing my car….poor Britney.

SLF: Oh yes…Britney….she’s certainly been on the news lately.

JD: They just won’t leave her alone….comes with the territory.

SLF: I’m presuming you’ve seen the latest then about her chasing the paparazzi with an umbrella?

JD: Yes….just last night….very sad….those are not fans though….they are trying to make money from someone’s personal pain.

SLF: How would you handle the paparazzi if they came knocking on your door one day?

JD: I would like to say, “welcome” and invite them in for coffee….but prob not….I’m not mean by nature, but I can handle my own.

SLF: I feel confident you could. When will you be performing your next gig?

JD: Summer…..album will be closer to being done. I have an EP and singles coming out on iTunes, Yahoo music, Napster….in the next few weeks.

SLF: And where will you be performing?

JD: Not sure yet….you will be the first to know….I’m actually in the process of scheduling some places.

SLF: Thank you..(small laugh)… entertainer’s schedule is quite hectic I would presume. How do you handle the stress when it’s there?

JD: Hmmm….I’m pretty good under pressure….but I actually work better under stress….kind of crazy, I know.

SLF: Are you able to find the necessary time you need with your family when you’re hard at work with your music?

JD: My family does suffer, but the time I do spend means so much….makes it better…..we go away to vacation homes and just chill, and that’s wonderful.

SLF: Have you ever been on television?

JD: Yes….playing trumpet….and leading my high school marching band….and on the red carpet at the grammys, but that doesn’t count because I wasn’t nominated.

(Both laughing)

SLF: What would your opinion be of success; when you think you’d really REALLY make it big?

JD: Very good question….it’s very important to me that people look at life in a different way…..I want to make a difference….push buttons….make people think and stand up for what they believe in, and inspire change for the better.

SLF: So you definitely want to be a catalyst with your music….

JD: Yes…I want to see the world evolve into human occupation…not race, religion.

SLF: Concerning all the issues our world has today….what would you most like to promote in the way of helping this world?

JD: To inspire change in poverty, child sickness, national acceptance in many areas….political views. I want people to believe in themselves, not governments.

SLF: So definitely you’re advocating that individuals should think for themselves and not be led like lost sheep?

JD: Yes….absolutely…..I’m passionate about these things.

SLF: I pray that positive passion never leaves you…. we need more of this within our world today.

JD: Thank you.

SLF: I really do feel confident that your music will carry that message through for many people.

JD: I hope so…thank you.

SLF: Jason… I really want to thank you for the time you’ve spent with me in this interview….and I am wishing you all the very best in all endeavors within your life.

JD: Thank you, I had fun.

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