Thick glossy goodness (Note: PRODUCT UPDATE IN PROGRESS!)

Now you can get a smooth solid K-47 style mic without having to take out a second mortgage!

The HM-7U features a single pattern reproduction of the second generation capsule found in the famous U-47. This capsule is known for its smooth rich response compared with the brighter capsules found in many other mics.

The HM-7U utilizes a proven class-A, dual-FET, transformerless circuit with premium WIMA film capacitors to squeeze out all the detail the capsule has to offer.

We also add extra features including a low cut filter to control sub-harmonic rumble, a -6dB pad to help handle extra loud sources, plus a handy phantom power LED indicator so you know when the mic is active on stage or when recording.

The HM-7U has a thick glossy sound with good transient detail well suited to lead and back-up vocals, kick drums and toms, upright bass, woodwinds, piano, mandolin and more.

The HM-7U also features a lightweight, yet well-damped, body so it can be used safely on stage with a standard microphone stand, even though it is a full-size mic. Comes with a shock mount, swivel mount and flight case.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee