Now it's time for something new

KEL brand microphones are not presently available
but you can learn about our new project at Vertical Microphones

Warranty and Service for Kel Microphones

Full warranty service and repair is still available for Kel microphones. Please contact us by
e-mail via the form below or call us at (204) 260-6861. We will provide relevant details about return shipping and any costs.

Please note, over time parts may not be available for certain models but we will do our best to help and in some cases may have to provide a custom solution.


Thank you for buying Kel microphones over the years. There are many good mic brands out there now. As one of the "little guys" to first introduce good sounding mics at low prices we like to think we helped push the big guys in the right direction.

Please contact us with your comments or questions; we'd love to hear from you.

We will have an archive of our old Kel microphone site up soon for
details about recent products.

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